Small Business Accounting, Analysis and Advice


Since when did "Keeping the Books" mean that the accountant literally "Keeps the Books?"  We strive for information liberation, which means your data, your information, your Books are yours and so you should retain control and ownership during and after your relationship with us.  We primarily use QuickBooks Online as our medium for transparent collaboration because it is a standard language for small business with millions of users already and a vibrant community of software eager to play well with it. 

behind the curtain

Guess what? Some of what accountant's do isn't magical.  Rather than hiding behind a veil of secrecy we prefer to be upfront and transparent about what we do, how we add value, and how we determine our fees.  So rather than paying for Fairy Dust, we want you to understand what we are here to do for you.  Yes bookkeeping looks simple enough, we insist on having an active role with your books as a foundation to higher level services; making sure the information is reliable and accurate is very important and chances are  you're not in the business of bookkeeping so spending time doing so takes time from adding real value to the business you are in.


Just doing bookkeeping doesn't tell you much.  Helping you make sense of the information is essential in order to make decisions and understand the potential consequences of different courses of action.  Report selections, periods covered, comparisons made and more are important for you to understand your business' financial condition and operational results.


The real reason you went looking for an accountant in the first place.  Unfortunately many accounting firms sell Fairy Dust instead.  We don't promise to call you every day but you get what you pay for and you get as much as you need to help guide your business.  We have CPAs, EAs (Enrolled Agents), and QuickBooks Pro Advisors dedicated to providing relevant advice to our clients.

Tax Planning

If you have a small business chances are you also need some tax planning.  The best time for tax planning is before you have to write a check to Uncle Sam.  No we can't just pencil-whip your tax situation to zero, but we can help you minimize the amount of your wealth you have to hand over.

Fairy dust the magical portion of other firm's accounting and bookkeeping services when they can't articulate what they are doing beyond transactional services to deserve the premium they charge


Christopher s thomas, cpa

I wasn't born an Extr(a)Ordinary accountant, it is a learned behavior, and I love learning. It was one of the main reasons that I decided to start my own CPA firm. I seek to constantly improve and re-calibrate how accounting services are delivered by focusing on client value rather than accountant effort. Technology has made, and continues to make, a huge impact on the profession. I believe it should be the role of a modern CPA to be on the forefront of that technology revolution and help guide their clients into the new age. Yes it is a scary and sometimes counter-intuitive proposition but by embracing automation and technology it creates a win-win for the firms, and their clients, that are committed like mine; by leveraging gains in efficiency and enhancements in data integrity and internal controls we can deliver higher level services to clients at lower rates than ever before.